Pure Elements Bodywork’s mission is to serve the community by providing therapeutic bodywork that is meridian based, bringing maximum balance to the body and igniting its natural healing potential, while also strengthening the client’s relationship with their body. The work is to always come from a place that honors and allies with the cycles and seasons of the natural world. The mission is to feed the vision of a healthy, vibrant community consisting of happy individuals with thriving vitality.

The Five Elements Theory

The Five Elements Theory is an ancient philosophical concept rooted in traditional Chinese medicine used to explain the composition and phenomena of the physical universe. The theory refers to the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. These elements are in constant movement and change, fluxuating between one another to maintain a general balance. Each of the five elements corresponds to different aspects of the natural world and the body, such as organs, emotions, flavors, senses, climates, body parts, and colors, all of which are used to interpret one’s health. There are various interrelationships among the five elements, so that they are all linked together, making the world/body a unified entity. Through viewing the human body in this way, we can determine internal disharmony.


Lotus Flower Symbolism

The Lotus is a plant native to Cambodia that belongs to the Nelumbo genus. It has long been associated with purity, rebirth and divinity by many ancient cultures. A thing that is striking about the lotus is that although it often grows in muddy water, and returns to the mud it at night, it always flowers clean the following day because the leaves are completely dirt and water repellent, reinforcing its reputation as a symbol of purity.